Dreadlock Extensions

If you've always dreamt of having dreadlocks but wanted/needed more length then dreadlock extensions are for you! Extensions are the creme de la creme in the dreads world and our students are all trained to create seamless, natural looking dreadlocks with %100 human hair. All of locticians make extensions that are tapered to perfection and can last a lifetime. Thats right, you can wake up every morning for the rest of your life looking like a lioness. If a life time of dreads isn't for you then feel free to have a hassle free bohemian style for your travels or the festival season. All Grass Roots trained artists make dreads and extensions that can be removed with a little bit of time and a comb.


You'll have a huge range of colours to choose from and can chose between an exact match, ombre or spice it up with bright colours. All extensions can be added on the same day your natural dreads are made. 

If you want to know more the most permanent hair extension method in the industry then pop into the client portal below to enter you details. We will work with you to find a loctician that you might just end up knowing for life- thats usually how it works with us grass roots folk.

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