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All of our certified locticians specialise in creating, maintaining and extending 100% natural dreadlocks. We never use products, wax or elastic bands and clients can expect to leave their appointment with clean, mature looking dreads in as little as one day.


Carefully weaving tiny knots with a crochet needle our dreadlock artists can tidy up messy dreads, create brand new ones and extend existing dreads seamlessly using 100% human hair that matches your hair colour perfectly.

Our locticians have all completed the only UK accredited dreadlock training course and you can rest assured that they will offer you a service which is second to none.

Here at Grass Roots we appreciate the beauty within. We never judge a persons idea of what it is to look and feel good about themselves and care for every clients hair and locs with love and respect. Dreadlocks mean so much more than any other style and for some it can take years to take the plunge. We are honoured to of helped hundreds of beautiful souls to start their dreadlock journey and the relationships and loyalty we develop with our clients shows the care we infuse into each and every dreadlock on each and every head.


Our artists can work to your needs and will just about do anything you can dream up to make you and your mane feel simply gorgeous!

We aim to change the face of the dreadlock industry by helping people set up their own companies with the skills and knowledge to be the best in our field. 


What are you after?

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Brand new dreads


Care and Repair


Dreadlock Extensions


Would you like your dreads created, maintained or extended for free!?

As part of our comprehensive training we require all of our students to carry out casework to show their progress and prove they have what it takes. We are always looking for individuals that would be happy to have their hair worked on. The students has already taken part in lots of training before this stage and has worked on dummy heads. We are part of a commnunity forum and support our students at any stage of their practise so you can rest assured that your practising locitican will deliver a top notich service with the help from all of us.


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