We have a passion for personal growth and beautiful healthy dreadlocks. Helping others to feel good and empowered makes us feel good and empowered. This is why you can trust us to do our best, to help you 

be the best.



We believe in the transformative power of being your own boss, surrounding yourself with interesting, beautiful people and collaborating in a way that helps everyone to be their best possible selves.



We're excited to start a new movement with you. We want to welcome you into our collaborative community and together we will change the face of the dreadlock industry. 

Alternative nature girl with dreadlocks,

Our success and philosophy is rooted firmly in education. Sharing our unique experience, to create innovative, globally renowned dreadlock education is our mission. Through our comprehensive training packages, our belief in cultivating talent and our genuine and friendly approach we can offer so much more than a regular course in hairdressing. We will help you to share and spread excitement about your new venture as you develop your skills and learn to manage your very own business working with like-minded people that will inspire you just as you inspire us.

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